Ski tours around Heiligenblut am Grossglockner

Conquering the wintery summits of the Hohe Tauern National Park

The alarm goes off – too early, it seems: the world outside is dark, and an ice-cold night still waits to be defeated by the warmer temperatures of the approaching day. Determined, we leave the warmth of our beds and get ready for an amazing adventure. Today’s the day:

we set out on a ski tour into the Hohe Tauern National Park. The warmth of the sun overcomes the chill, intensifying the beauty of your surroundings. An exhilarating feeling, to be active and awake, gliding soundlessly through the alpine winter landscape of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

Where touring dreams come true

Anyone familiar with the Hohe Tauern mountains around Heiligenblut and Großglockner knows that this is where mountaineering dreams come true. The possible routes range from entry-level tours to ambitious adventures in the powder snow, all the way to the advanced alpinist’s endeavour of conquering the Grossglockner on touring skis. So put on your climbing skins, grab your backpack, get on your skis, and let’s go: your very own dream tour awaits!

For more ski-touring routes visit our online portal

New, digital, practical: Go to our online portal to find the best ski touring routes and useful information as convenient as convenient PDF downloads. Among them is our highly popular ‘White Spirit’ folder, outlining the region’s 50 most outstanding ski tour routes.

Respect your limits! 5 rules for responsible ski touring:

Important for ski touring: prohibition of driving in young forest and reforestation areas.

Guide me to the top

Without a doubt, the best way to explore the full spectrum of ski-touring possibilities in our region is to employ the services of an experienced guide. This is a good move not only for safety reasons, but also because our guides know these mountains like the back of their hands, and are able to show you the most beautiful summits, best-kept secrets and outstanding ski-runs, which you’d be unlikely to find on your own.

Inventory: this is what you should have in your ski-touring backpack:

Important for ski touring: prohibition of driving in young forest and reforestation areas.

Raring to go on a legendary ski tour?

If a ski-tour amidst the beauty of the Hohe Tauern National Park seems like your kind of outing, why not pack your backpack, check your safety gear, grab your skis and skins – and come see us in the Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Adventure Region.

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