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The right training for everyone – from complete beginners to advanced skiers

Good skiers are made, not born: becoming a skiing or snowboarding aficionado requires time, practice and the appropriate training. As with most sports, it’s best to start young – which is why you’ll frequently see groups of kids & teens conquering the pistes together with our certified ski and snowboard instructors.
Ambros Unterkircher’s Heiligenblut Ski School offers private courses for children and adults.

Expert partners

The Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Snowsports Academy is our reliable partner in the field of skiing, snowboarding and alpine sports, both within and beyond the Grossglockner/Heiligenblut ski area. With their excellent training and long-standing professional expertise, the academy’s instructors will help you take your skiing, carving, snowboarding and off-piste skills to the next level, whilst always making sure you have plenty of fun – even if it’s very first attempt. Give it a try!

The Heiligenblut Ski School is technically competent, individual and local and offers private ski lessons for children and adults. Ambros Unterkircher is a state-certified ski instructor, mountain and ski guide from Heiligenblut am Großglockner. “Skiing is my passion, sharing and conveying this with others is my calling,” says Ambros Unterkircher.

Kids, teens and adults - everyone’s welcome

We have teamed up with the Heiligenblut Snowsports Academy to develop a versatile programme of services and courses for a wide spectrum of requirements and abilities. While younger children start out on the ‘Snowland’ nursery slope, advanced kids as well as teenage and adult beginners are taken on carefully chosen pistes in a more alpine terrain. Step by step, they learn the correct technique on perfectly maintained piste surfaces. The guidance of an experienced and understanding instructor ensures the perfect balance between making progress and having fun.

The right equipment - our two rental specialists

In order to be perfectly equipped, our two sports shops including rental offer everything your heart desires. From the ski or snowboard equipment to snowshoes, tobogganing, etc.

Intersport Großglockner

Hof 3, 9844 Heiligenblut
Tel.: +43 4824 2256-145

Sportladen Heiligenblut

Hof 34, 9844 Heiligenblut
Tel.: +43 4824 2087

Our Ski academy

Ski school Heiligenblut

You want to go to ski academy?

For details on all services, please contact the Heiligenblut Snowsports Academy at or +43 4824 24642 - your experts for fun and competence on the slopes! The ski school Heiligenblut can be reached at or +43 676 5570958 .

For information on any aspect of your holiday, don’t hesitate to contact us, send us a no obligation holiday enquiry , or phone us on +43 4824 2700-20.

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