Art & Culture in the Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Region

Art, culture, museums & traditional customs in the realm of Austria’s highest mountain

It’s hard to know where to start, considering the wealth of traditions, customs, craftsmanship, and artistic and cultural heritage we would love to share with you in the Heiligenblut region. The landscape itself is marked by a turbulent and fascinating past, and many of those who have lived through historic developments or events will readily give insights into their experiences. The region also offers numerous well-thought-out presentations that vividly bring the past to life. Here we list our TOP museums and exhibitions which we consider an absolute must-see within our region. Join us on a journey that transcends time, into the past and future of Heiligenblut am Grossglockner.

House of the Ibexes "The King and His Throne"

The adventure exhibition ‘The king and his throne’ lets you track the Alpine ibex through seven exhibition rooms over three levels. Walk across the sheer ‘rock face’ and find out more about the high-mountain habitat and all its facets. State-of-the-art technology invites you to get to know famous mountain formations from the eagle’s perspective and to experience large-scale, small-scale and micro-habitats up close.

Gold-mining Village near Heiligenblut

Get swept up in the gold rush and have a perfect family adventure! The Heiligenblut Gold-mining Village is a historically accurate reconstruction of a genuine 16th-century settlement that once occupied the very same site. This enchanting place takes the whole family back to one of the region’s most fascinating eras. Find out what techniques were used in the quest for precious gold, and try your hand at gold-panning in the Fleiss River. Remember to bring your wellies – and maybe a good-luck charm? You never know, you may find a nugget or two!

History and craftsmanship at the Sturm-Archehof Farm & Sturm-Archehof library

Visitors of the Sturm-Hof Farm in Heiligenblut are invited on a journey back in time. Situated at the foot of the Grossglockner, at an altitude of 1300 m, the traditional wooden building has been home to many generations of working farmers and their families, and used to be one of the largest and most influential homesteads in the village. For the past ten years, Hubert Pucher has been pursuing the craft of button making within these history-steeped premises. He always welcomes visitors who would like to watch him work and find out more about this traditional skill.

Pfeifer Farm Museum

This open-air farm museum in Heiligenblut vividly brings the past to life. Entirely unpretentious and un-staged, it conjures up the simple feeling of our ancestors’ everyday life close to the earth. Enter into a long-gone past, and find out about how people used to turn this high-alpine environment into their livelihoods.

Weavers’ studio in Heiligenblut am Grossglockner

Have you ever seen a traditional, authentically preserved and fully operational weaving loom? At the Heiligenblut weavers’ studio, you are able to watch skilled craftswomen at work, as they transform sheep wool from their domestic farms into a variety of stunning works of art. The unique results can be purchased on-site.

Apriacher Watermills

The historical, man-made cultural landscape is as much a part of our region as the wonders of the natural world. One prominent example are the traditional watermills in Apriach, named ‘Stockmühlen’ in reference to the mill stones used to grind the corn.

The ‘Star Singing’ tradition in Heiligenblut

‘Sternsingen’ – which literally translates as ‘star singing’ – is an ancient custom which remains an integral part of the Christmas season in the Heiligenblut region. On Three Kings’ Day, local men in traditional attire set out through the snow-covered village, singing ancient songs to welcome the New Year. The cold January night is filled with a festive atmosphere that is truly magical to witness.

Cultural Workshop Rojach 18

The Kulturwerkstatt Rojach 18 sees itself as a mediator between traditional folk art and new art trends from outside.The acquisition of the Rojach 18 property in Heiligenblut opened up new perspectives for Beisiegel. Gradually the idea developed to present contemporary art in the 140m2 hall and also to use it for cultural events. The Kulturwerkstatt offers a forum for music, visual arts and cabaret.

Tauern Gold at the Putzenhof Inn

An exhibition entirely dedicated to the quest for gold in the Hohe Tauern mountains: The extraordinary treasures on display reveal many of the secrets surrounding the region’s gold rush era, and conjure up vivid insights into this remarkable period in time. The presentation is, most fittingly, displayed in Grosskirchheim’s Putzenhof Inn – a 500-year-old stone building which originally served as a ‘Gewerkenhaus’ (miners’ accommodation). A magical place in which to let the gold-rush era come to life.

Mautturm Winklern

Winklern’s prominent ‘Mautturm’ tower houses an unusual exhibition: Under the title of ’Tauern Crystal Treasure’, this mesmerising presentation takes you on a journey into the fascinating world of underground crystals. Unearthed from the very depths of the mountains, crystals emanate a unique atmosphere of mystery. Their beauty has been brought to light with particular skill in this extraordinary exhibition.

See for yourself

These are just a few examples of the comprehensive range of arts and crafts, culture and traditional customs you are able to encounter in Heiligenblut am Grossglockner. Visit us to discover a myriad of cultural treasures, and meet local inhabitants with amazing insights and skills.

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